Choreography as “writing movement”.

Meta-linguistic platform for the construction of shared vocabularies. Continuous loop between writing and re-writing, maybe un-writing, co-writing, or even over-writing existing vocabularies/ narratives. Or the creation of yet non-existing aesthetic vocabularies. Writing here means a constantly redefined experimental zone, which embraces an assemblage of bodies, acts, propositions, and statements.


subspaces of different degrees of temporality, resistant, neutral, micro and macro scales, ambiguous measurements for kinesthetic encounters. Never recognizable geometries, spiraling, amorphous, relational, contagious. Obsessive repetitiveness or prolonged duration or rhythmic predictability or even stillness. All becomes disengaged from its origin and enters this other realm. Call it a rehearsal, a dialogue, lyricism or pure research.

Movement forms a temporal and spatial becoming. Giving rise to new incorporeal objects, abstract machines, universes of value and to the movement to come.

We are writing movement.