Choreographing Design and/ or Designing Choreographies was born while investigating diverse scores & scripts respectively from post-modern choreographers and designers, leading to a series of web coding experiments on how choreographic and performative qualities could be implemented and explored in design. — And what powers of invention or transformation it sets free.

by Joana Chicau.
The project has grown into diverse liveperformances; coding demonstrations of the methodology/ research; new workshops formats; and new choreographic genres perspectives.

Choreographic thinking = a space & time which manifests discursive conditions; a meta-liguistic platform for thinking movement and counter-movement; a way to reflect on the tools and processes in design and to question the role of aesthetic, political, economic, socio-cultural decisions in the construction of digital media spaces. How to move away from pre-choreographed environments and compose our own choreographies?

I understand choreography not as a notation to regularize a single system or composition method, but as a liberating and omniscient point of view. An instrument for self and/or collective expression, in constant pursue for unlimited results. Choreographing design is then a composition methodology which encompasses ideologic, technological and social dimensions.